How to fix a door lock

How to fix home locks

Drilling out a lock is not actually lock picking, but just a last resort when there is no any other alternative. The process is just as simple as drilling out the pins until you are able to manually turn the cylinder. This is not the best method because it damages locks.

These also used just like the drills. These are used when picking of locks with the torsion wrenches have failed or when the locks are very cheap and therefore no need for a locksmith. The bolt cutters will come in especially handy when cutting padlocks and chains.

Padlock shims are used to unlock padlocks. The padlock shim is slid down the shaft of the bolt and twisted. This action will make the latch give way and the bolt pops open.

The bump key is a special key that corresponds with the target lock. It is used in picking locks in an easier way.

This is a tool used in picking of car and bicycle locks. It uses powerful hydraulic mechanism to unlock locks.

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